A Pursuing Flame In Music Becomes Abundant

PICTURE: David Lekabe

The aspiring versatile artist Nokuthula Mataboge (24) is popularly known by ‘MissTulz’ which derives from both her personality and her ability in being equipped with tools to achieve and conquer in her music journey.

In a courageous and zealous space something greater grew in an area in Pimville, Soweto where she was born and bred. She is the founder of Creative Movement SA which plays a role in the aims of supporting upcoming talent.

A fond love for music wrestled in her from the early stages of growing up, as a saying was stuck on her that she built herself and career around it “ If you can talk , you can sing” she said. The artist was part of a church band, it went from something she would do on Sundays only and escalated to passion given a fresh start and opportunity every day.

In the blur of a dream she took a leap of faith and started entering competitions such as The Castle MilkStout competition on Metro FM in 2014 and was fortunate enough to be in the top 5 which opened doors for her to be graced with the opportunity to perform and work with Micasa in Durban.

“Music to me is a gospel to preach and communicate with the world. There is nothing that can bring people together like music, why not use it and change lives and make a difference,” she fervently stated.

She believes music was always something waiting to be pursued since she started singing at a tender age of two years which only made it a matter of time. “I’ve always been my own fan and that alone has always inspired me to do more and be more than just a girl from Soweto who can sing” MissTulz says.

Her kind of music found influence in a number of genres, mostly Gospel, Jazz, Neo Soul and RnB, as a musician you can widen your borders and not be conservative however her music entails RnB, Pop, Gospel, Jazz and House Music.

The purpose behind her music is to fulfil what God instilled in her. It is in her belief that music is the best chance to inspire and better the world for future generations.

With every rising star a challenge becomes appreciated as growth develops, one of the challenges was making sure that her music was well received  and understood as most artists  suffer from distorted messages in their music which makes it difficult for people to follow or engage.

Managing the brand was also a challenge in raising awareness with her own resources. She overcame all these with having a good support system which helped her stay focused and determined on keeping on but most importantly prayer helped her stay strong no matter the challenges. “I can’t go a day without prayer.”

MissTulz has a new single that is out titled ‘Nobody Else’ which has been making waves and can be downloaded on https://audiomack.com/song/misstulz/nodoby-else

She is currently working on her EP titled ‘Love Is Timeless’, produced by KingLay and it will be released this year. It is a fusion of different elements and styles as it has a touch of old music to it which will accommodate both young and old. In future people should expect life changing music.

Facebook: Nokuthula (Miss Tulz) Mataboge

Youtube: Miss Tulz

Twitter: @MissTulz,@LaylowZA,@CreativeMusic

Soundcloud: Miss Tulz