Athol Trollip: An Epitome Of White Supremacy

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The Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Mayor, Athol Trollip is the epitome of white supremacy, this is further fuelled by his idea that, because he can speak an African Language, blacks must accept him, as if he did them a favour, writes ALEX STEMELA

I have always maintained that no white is as patronizing as one who can speak an African Language. They are the ones when you say “Hello” in English, they reply with an offensively condescending tone in your own language “Mholo Mfondini”! In this setting, you are expected to respond in your African Language. I once fought with one white old man on this, because I asked them if in this conversation the only language spoken must be the one of his choosing and not mine.

White Supremacy wouldn’t allow the white man to understand where I was coming from, that the issue was not the language per se, but his attitude. To him he couldn’t understand why a black person cant appreciate the favour done to him by a white person in lowering himself to speak a dirty African Language.

This is the same problem with Trollip, whatever it is that Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) says, falls on deaf ears. Trollip has always responded with two things:

  1. You are removing me because I am white.
  2. You want to return a corrupt ANC to power.

On the other side, there have been complaints over his attitude, how he runs the Municipality, the issue of land and other things. Well! Trollip couldn’t care less about what inferior Blacks raise and the seriousness of their issues. Trollip is not interested in meeting these Blacks to discuss the issues they raise. Because according to him, a White man is in charge so as to stop an inherently corrupt, thieving and barbaric black government from running the City, and to him he can’t get why EFF and others have problems with him.

Afterall he has also dealt with an inherently corrupt, thieving and barbaric black in the name of [Mongameli]Bobani, his former deputy Mayor in the City. Any other issue beyond these, is not up for discussion. The fact that blacks own just 4% of land is nothing that inferior blacks should worry about them if a White Supremacist is not worried about them.

His attitude and arrogance in dealing with the smaller black parties is itself not a problem, after all he even speaks Xhosa with them. They should be appreciative of this and see him as The Second Coming itself, a White Messiah, the saviour of Black people in the Metro against themselves.

I must also state that EFF, itself, created this problem with their anger against the ANC in 2016. Everyone knew the problems of Trollip, everyone knew how he was treating his farm workers, amongst other things. However, EFF couldn’t tell the DA that they want a different candidate. Well not that the racist DA would have heeded to that call anyway.

The DA cannot be dictated upon by Black people, and those blacks within their ranks who try to muster a ball or two, are thrown out like a hobo in a cocktail party. They are reminded that they didn’t belong to their dinner table in the first place so how dare they even think of having a view not sanctioned by Masters?

The last thing that irks Trollip is that, of the three Mayors in Metros, he is the only one that is being removed. Trollip don’t understand why they can’t remove any of the other blacks. 

STEMELA is an enthusiastic political commentary and ANC Regional Chairperson. He writes in his personal capacity.