Swaziland King To Get Boeing A340 – 300 In April


MBABANE: Swaziland Prime Minister Sibusiso Dlamini confirmed to members of Parliament (MPs) that King Mswati III will get his private jet in April to avoid long trip to New York. 

Swaziland has the worse unemployment rate in the continent, at 25,28, yet the king is set to have a new Boeing A340-300 from China. According to the Swaziland based newspaper, Swazi Observer, Dlamini said he found it necessary to go back to the legislators to update them about the status of the state jet because the matter was started in Parliament.
The prime minister said the jet would  land in the country early in April. He said it was the MPs that saw the need for King Mswati III to have an advanced jet that would provide safety to the king. Dlamini said this last Friday in the House of Assembly when delivering his ministerial statement.

According to Dlamini, “the jet was better than the one the country had (Siyinqaba) because it could fly one way from here to New York in United States of America. The opposite can be said for Siyinqaba, which needed to land five times before it could reach New York, from here.” 

Dlamini said this after Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Chief Mgwagwa Gamedze had told MPs that the plane would be in the country by the time the 50/50 celebrations occur.

Gamedze said this last Tuesday when he was responding to concerns by MPs who wanted to know the status of the state jet.

MP Prince Magudvulela praised government for securing the jet because this would save the country from spending more money on renting aircrafts if Their Majesties wanted to go on international assignments.