#EasterRoadSafety: Life Saving Advice From Transport Minister

PICTURE: Twitter.com

JOHANNESBURG- The Newly Appointed Transport Minister Blade Nzimande has launched the 2018 Easter Long Weekend safety campaign on the N3 highway in Heidelberg Weighbridge for Road users approaching the Easter holidays.

Over 200 people have lost their lives during Easter holidays, as the campaign launched is to prevent, road users from texting and driving, speeding as well as drunk driving.

The Aim of the Campaign is to increase driver awareness and reducing road accidents over the coming holiday period.

On the N3 highway, traffic officials where stopping cars, checking license disks, as well as the road worthiness of cars.

The Minister has engaged with motorist during roadblock and gave word of advice to all, that drivers should carry their driver’s license and should furthermore obey the rules of the road.

Transport Ministers says the officials will be identifying notorious roads for accidents where police officials will intervene and take safety measures.

“We’re also increasing to be working with the South African Police Services (SAPS)”.

With traffic officers playing a critical role in the society, road users are urged to be safe in preparation of driving long distances to different destinations during the Easter period.