The Best Type Of Alcohol To Drink To Lose Weight

PICTURE: Durbanville Distillery

Alcohol is seen as a substance to take when you are sitting at home on a sunny Saturday afternoon relaxing. Today in the society people are constantly warned about the consumption of alcohol and the dangerous effects that come with it.

However it is proven that any alcohol is the best alcohol to have to lose weight simply because people who drink weigh less than those who do not drink.

As much as this could be impossible to believe research has proven that approximately 8000 regular drinkers were found downing a daily drink were 54% less likely to have a weight problem.

The extreme effects have been seen through the popular “beer belly” as alcohol is a kilojoule-dense substance.  One of the understandings behind this would be the inability of the body to metabolise alcohol efficiently which results in the kilojoules from a couple of drinks are less likely to pad your waist than an equal number of food kilojoules.

It is said by a dietician that “the blander the drink, the better is for your waistline.” It is better to go for a clear spirit such as Vodka, Rum or even Gin as they all contain 380 kilojoules per tot and have it sponged with a zero kilojoule such as soda water.

Lighter beers carry less kilojoules even if you decided to binge on 8 bottles because the kilojoule saving is not that much. Avoiding the third drink is important as it lowers the body’s ability to burn fat by up to 33% giving your meal all the power to put on more weight.

Choose your drink wisely so that you do not gain any weight in between by having a drink that is likely to increase your appetite so much so that you pick up weight instead of losing weight. Even though alcohol may be a remedy to your solution too much intake does not make it good.