The Calories Your Coffee Contains

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The quick fix to get your energy levels shooting high on an early Monday morning, is coffee. It is mostly the first thing you think of when you get out of bed to go through the day in complete reliance of energy and ability to do your work with great effort.

We spend so much money to buy it because we know we are guaranteed a day filled in doing more than less, a culture has been found in coffee as it is used as a stimulating factor by our generation more than before.  We live in a world where the intensity of pressure from our daily lives is so real that work gets straining and stressful that we forget that only a certain capacity can carry us.

As much as coffee is good, the cups of coffee we have daily can affect our waistline despite the type of coffee it can be. A Cappuccino is a shot espresso that has steamed milk and carries 130 calories with a volume of 16, Brewed coffee contains 2 calories with a volume of 8,and a Latte contains 180 calories and a volume of 16, and a Mocha contains 330 calories and has a volume of 16.

Are you drinking your health away with too much caffeine, enduring sleepless nights and constant fatigue out of an addictive habit? It is possible to change all that and make a few changes on your intake of coffee.

Too much caffeine gives off so much energy and leaves you worn out, leading you to the next cup to sustain all that energy. In the process of all this your heart gets affected to a point where you experience severe chest pains.

It is therefore important to reconsider the amount of coffee you have a day. One cup a day should be more than enough, instead of running to the coffee table now and then consider substituting that with water to feel reenergized at all times and kick the fatigue out.