Is Detoxing Beneficial To Your Health


Every year we all set goals and New Year’s resolutions it being for a better life or improved health from fitness to having a slim beautiful body. The first thing that crosses your mind is detox.

When there has been a large consumption it builds up in the body, it being through inhalation or skin exposure they need to be released as they become toxic substances. As we our body’s natural detoxification system it is unable to clear it.

The natural detoxification system uses the liver, gall bladder, skin, intestines, kidneys and lymphatic system to get rid of toxins. Toxins can be both internal and external when they are internal they are often from cells waste products and when they are external they are mainly from food, alcohol, medication and pollution.

Detoxing once a week is better than not detoxing at all. You can use lemon juice to detox, you can go fasting for a couple of weeks a month,and you could use green tea or garlic. By doing so you will begin to see a difference especially on your skin.