Is Your Bone Health Calcium Strong


Calcium is the most important for your bone health as it plays a big role in positioning your bone and prevents osteoporosis. The role it plays in a body is quite broad as it has other functions such as nerve transmission and muscle contraction.

It has been proven that we are falling short of calcium in our bodies specifically in South Africa as we only manage to consume 500 to 600mg per day which is not enough. It is therefore vital that we increase our intake of calcium.

You can consider taking a calcium supplement when you do not have enough calcium from your diet to balance the difference whereas with other individuals it is best to consider having more calcium-rich foods to meet the requirements of calcium in their body.

Products that can be convenient are milk, cheese and other dairy products which are a good source for healthy bones as they provide vitamins and minerals. You have the choice to choose your preferred calcium intake however you should consider a calcium that is well absorbed and the food you eat is adequate in calcium.

Some vegetables absorb more calcium than milk does such as broccoli as it has from 61%, bok choy from 54%, kale from 49%, sweet potato from 22% and milk from 32%. As you make every effort to meet your calcium requirement through food sources and discover that there has not been improvement the best supplements you can use are calcium carbonate as it is effective and should be taken with meals to help with absorption. Another supplement you can use is calcium citrate as it is already well absorbed regardless of your meal timing.

It is therefore crucial that you have enough calcium in your body, you can do this with various foods to get the required calcium or with supplements that have a high concentration of approximately 500mg. You can also consult your health care practitioner for specific information.