Pretoria School Headmaster Suspended Over Mismanagement And Nepotism

PICTURE: Pathfinde

JOHANNESBURG- The Gauteng Education Department has suspended the school Headmaster of Cullinan Combined School outside Pretoria, following allegations of mismanagement and nepotism.

On December parents of pupils attending the school accused the school principal of employing mathematics and science teachers whom are not qualified and mostly employs family members, meanwhile the schools lacks sufficient study materials.

With the results dropping due to unqualified teachers, the department representative has once confirmed that most teachers are employed by the School Governing Body (SGB) and the education department cannot intervene to this matter.

However, the Departments Steve Mabona says the school principal is expected to appear before disciplinary hearing, to answer to the number of allegations made by the parents of pupil attending the school.

“We have since decided to charge the principal with a number of charges or allegations thereof. We have since decided to suspend him from participating in the school environment,”he said.

With the disciplinary process being underway, Mabona has revealed that, the district official has been appointed to manage the school as the teaching and learning will still be continuing as the principal will not be reporting to school.

“We have decided to deploy an administrator coming from a district. We will be introducing that person on Thursday,” he concluded