Kliptown Residents Left Hopeless Following Flooding In Gauteng

PICTURE: Soweto Urban

Gauteng – Residents at informal settlements in Kliptown, Gauteng have been left hopeless after floods stoke their homes on Thursday night.

As a result of heavy rains in Gauteng the residents in informal settlements were left with no place to stay as all their belongings were washed away in the flood.

Flourance Mchunu (58) and Mr Humphrey Mchunu (70), said they have lived in the area for a long time and they have the same problem all the time when there is flooding.

“If we can get a stable and secured place we could move out as it is only us and a few people left because we don’t have a stable home,” said Flourance.

The residents said the flood is devastating as it leaves them with nothing to lean on.

Meanwhile, thirteen bridges have been closed in Pretoria to avoid traffic due to flooding and several roads have been declared as no-go zones.

The fire department has been called in to help with trees that have fallen over in the city.

“This morning two cars were assisted that were stuck but that’s more in the northern part of Tshwane, in the Hammanskraal area, they basically went off the road but the soil is so saturated we had to get those cars out of that situation,” said Emergency services  Johan Pieterse.