Presidency To Continue Paying Zuma’s Legal Fees


CAPE TOWN: The Democratic Alliance (DA) Federal Council Chairperson James Selfe says the party’s lawyers are preparing court papers.

The Presidency says it will continue paying for Zuma’s legal fees as per agreement reached with former President Thabo Mbeki in 2006.

On Thursday, the State Attorney, acting on the instructions of the Presidency, responded to a request by lawyers representing the DA for information on the provision of legal representation to Zuma at the state’s expense.

In a letter to the DA’s lawyers, the State Attorney advised that, the decision to provide legal representation to the former President, was taken in accordance with section 3(1) of the State Attorney Act.

The Presidency says the decision was subject to the undertaking by Zuma to refund the legal costs incurred by the State in the event that his defence was unsuccessful.

The Presidency has reiterated that it remains bound by this agreement until it is set aside by the court of law.