The Ideal Yoga Spot For Self-Reflection


South Africa is known for one of the beautiful places to find a place to retreat and realign yourself on a moment of rejuvenating your spirit to a place of peace and reflection with an amazing view and nature taking its course as you get to hear the sound of birds, water streaming from waterfalls and the wind that breezes on the trees giving a different feeling altogether.

Being out in a completely space encourages your thinking to a positive perspective and gives inner relief as you spend time out in the wild with fresh air away from your usual yoga space where you are in a room or a studio with a loud background somewhere in the city. Enjoying a time out in a different place where you can be in the presence of yourself and the nature.

This becomes beneficial in so many ways as it gives you the opportunity to relax and be liberated from a usual context and allows you to connect to your inner self. By the time you prepare to go back home you feel completely different , you begin to see everything that surrounds you in a positive way as you have released energy that weighs you down.

Sometimes all you need is to drive away to a place you where you interact with nature and find renewal in everything you face on a daily basis.