100 Companies Sign Up For YES Initiative


JOHANNESBURG: President Cyril Ramaphosa says the Youth Employment Service (YES) will have a positive effect on youth unemployment in the country.

Ramaphosa launched the initiative earlier on Tuesday in partnership with government, business, labour and civil society groups.

The YES initiative aims to see more than one million young South Africans, between the ages of 18 and 35, being offered paid work experience over the next three years.

This can occur through corporate work experience, where businesses that participate in the programme create one-year paid positions for the youth or through small business development, where young people are empowered through training and funding to start and grow their own businesses.

Ramaphosa says this will tackle the high rate of unemployment among young people.

Speaking on the sideline to Investec, Ramaphosa said: “What we have started today is the movement, I think it’s going to gather momentum, I think we’ve got a lot of good people to push it, people like Stephen Koseff, Colin Coleman, Jabu Mabuza, Bonang Mohale are the ones that are going to be the real engine to push this forward as we create more and more job opportunities for young people.” 

“So I am looking at way beyond a million, because this is a movement, we’ve started a movement today,” Ramaphosa added. 

About 100 companies have signed up for the initiative, which the president says will improve prospects of young people finding employment.