Have Medication For The Road

PICTURE: Poison Control

With Easter making it’s way this weekend excitement races among many as it is a time to travel and be with family. However as much as you want to enjoy this Easter consider your health and take your medication along. 

Instead of having food and clothes at the top of your list, the first most important thing to buy is medication as you will need it. You do not want to find yourself compromising your health and experiencing moments of your weekend away struggling to get the right medication in a place you knowing nothing about in the middle of nowhere.

Especially if you have medication that has been prescribed it is your responsibility to make sure that you get it in your luggage as you pack your things for the road. Since the climate may not be the same from back home to your destination it is important to take seasonal items such as allergy pills.

People travelling are encouraged to go for vaccinations such as cholera, influenza and yellow fever just to mention a few. When packing your prescriptions, keep your medication in your carry on and bring copies of all prescriptions and if you are going to a foreign country check with your consulate to confirm that you can bring your medication.