BREAKING: Racist Vicki Momberg Sentenced To Three Years In Prison

PICTURE: Lindi Masinga/ANA

JOHANNESBURG: Racist Vicki Momberg was sentenced in the Randburg magistrate’s court on Wednesday. 

Momberg was sentenced to three years in prison with one year suspended. Magistrate Pravina Rugoonandan said the court made several considerations in its ruling.

Rugoonandan said it’s questionable whether Momberg showed remorse. She said the sentence must serve as a deterrence against others who use K-word.

The former real estate agent was found guilty of four counts of crimen injuria, for hurling racist insults at a black police officer. 

Her tirade was caught on camera.  During sentencing proceedings, Momberg’s lawyer argued she should receive psychiatric treatment, not punishment.

However, earlier in the month, a social worker testified that she too was racially abused by Momberg. 

Momberg told the social worker she does not believe the k-word is insulting.