JMPD Gives Warning To All Motorists Approaching Easter Holidays


JOHANNESBURG- The Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) has warned all motorist approaching Easter Long Weekend holiday to behave on roads when driving.

With more arrest and the roadblocks that have already started earlier last week, it is believed that they will also continue to all major, busy roads and freeways.

The Johannesburg emergency services will remain on high alert throughout the weekend.

The statistics has revealed that over 200 people have lost their lives during Easter holidays, as the roadblocks are made to prevent all road users from drinking and driving and exceeding the speed limit.

JMPD spokeperson Wayne Minnar said, “There is a fine of R1000 if you cross a solid white line or if you overtake in the face of oncoming traffic,” he said

“Everyone will be expected to buckle up and to wear a safety belt at all times,” he added.

Furthermore there will be crime prevention’s by all law enforcement agencies that will include stop and search operations and raids on liquor outlets.