Take Up A Challenge To Stand At Work Instead Of Sitting All Day

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Having a great desire to workout, can get a body that will appeal to others and yourself. Sitting at work does not help losing weight, and sometimes even the opposite, contributes to gaining weight.

Scientists have revealed the secret, how people can lose weight at work. The refusal of a sitting lifestyle in the office will help you to get rid of about a few kilograms. Experts conducted a study and found that office workers can lose weight in the workplace without changing their diet.

All they need is to spend six hours a day standing on their feet. According to scientists, the average difference in energy consumption is 0.15 calories per minute. It turns out that people can lose an extra 54 calories a day.

In addition, some muscle groups are active in the vertical position, which leads not only to weight loss, but also to reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other serious diseases. Also, expert’s advice is to refuse using elevators and transport, if possible.

To increase physical activity, you can climb several floors of stairs on your own and you will certainly feel fatigue in your legs, which speaks of the effectiveness of the exercise. Also, if possible, take a little time to walk a little before and after work.

Try to eat healthy foods throughout the day. For example, instead of biscuits, snacks and fast food, you should eat fruits or dried fruits, yogurt or cottage cheese.

Dinner, in turn, can be varied with porridge, fresh vegetables or lean meat and fish. It happens very often that people confuse an easy hunger with thirst. To avoid overeating and maintaining the body’s water balance, you should drink plenty of water daily. Put a bottle of water on your desktop to always remember to drink.

If you cannot work standing the whole day, try to get up and walk a little at least every hour or two, because continuous sitting harms your health. Such walks will help reduce the negative impact of inactive work and will additionally burn a few calories.



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