Malema Hits Back At Critics For Calling Him A ‘Fascist’

PICTURE: Mail Images

PORT ELIZABETH: The EFF leader Julius Malema has come out strongly against those people who have labelled him and his party as ‘fascists.’

This comes after political commentators and analysts labelled the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) as a fascist political party.

Political Analyst, Gareth van Onselen from the Institute of Race Relations (IRR), and Political Commentator, Justice Malala wrote earlier this month saying the leader of the EFF could be ‘rightly be described as a fascist’.

This was after Malema’s comment on their intention to remove DA mayor Athol Trollip in Nelson Mandela Bay that he intended to “cut the throat of whiteness”.

Following this, a number of analysts have condemned Malema’s utterances.

Columnist, William Saunderson-Meyer wrote that it is “time to challenge Malema’s toxic politics”, and also former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader, Tony Leon also questioned, “Why does Malema’s race threat go unpunished?”

Speaking at a rally on Wednesday at Nelson Mandela Bay, Malema hit back on those calling the EFF a fascist party.

“Today we are told we are a fascist organisation, you know fascists are people who kill their opponents, fascists are those who believe in sameness,” Malema said. 

He said fascists were people who don’t just punish but kill those that have a different opinion to theirs. Malema also said the EFF cannot be described as a fascist party as they have gone as far as voting for an opposition to power despite their different views.

Malema says that fascism has therefore been given “a new definition in SA” that a fascist is an organisation that votes for the opposition.

“I have never killed anyone in this country, I have never assaulted anyone in this country,” said Malema. 

He said that in the EFF, there was nothing close to German leader Adolf Hitler who has been associated with fascism.

“Where are the similarities here, between the fascist government and the EFF? They are labelling us,” he said.