A Correlating Sound Found In A Music Desire

PICTURE: Katlego Seboko

An astounding music fanatic and local DJ gets discovered in a breeze of a music background, Ali Mohale who is popularly known by DJ Kenik (29). He was born and bred in Soweto in an entertainment surrounded area called Rockville where something ignited since a very young age as he had realised that music was something he was always born to step into as he always used to analyze beats and vocals.

When DJ Kenik was growing up he nurtured and fed his deepest desire of talent by attending events on a regular basis around where he lived , “It got me very happy to see how DJ’s play music that was making people happy,” the DJ passionately said. From all the creative juices and inspiration he then decided to go to Soul Candi Academy and do a music course in 2010.

“Music is my life, it means everything. It’s actually my escape place when I’m feeling down, my motivation and great music makes me complete,” the DJ says.

His father was into Jazz music, as he was in the atmosphere of his music passion chased his flame. This got him intrigued to any music with a jazz feel of instruments from Deep House to Lounge to Neo Soul and Hip Hop categories. He also recently started listening to a whole lot of genres such as electronica, soul and trap.

As an artist he came across challenges but that did not stop him from pursuing his dream and career, some of the challenges he came across as a DJ was getting bookings as it takes a lot of effort to be able to be booked by event organisers. Even though he had hurdles along the way he persevered by saving up some money and bought a computer and gathered more music and had mixtapes done which he distributed among his friends and he also had his name out on social media to get more recognition.

With this being done the reception of his selection was well received and he started to get more bookings around Soweto.

DJ Kenik is currently hosting events and is working on inviting prominent names and also bring in a different vibe that people will enjoy and love. He hopes to grow his name beyond Soweto and get bookings nationwide.

In future it is said to expect more great entertainment in terms of sets and all the events he plans to host. “I’m all about music after all. It’s the life I choose. We are music.”

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Instgram: Kenik02

Twitter: @DjKenik