Are Sugary Drinks The Cause Of Your Belly

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Every evening and afternoon after indulging in a good meal we always feel the need to have something cold to drink preferably something sugary to drink, like cool drink. It is often rare to find anyone having water after eating. This gradually becomes a tendency which leads to an everyday lifestyle which becomes effective especially on women’s bellies as fat accumulates and creates belly fat.

It is therefore proven that there is a large number of people that drink one sugar sweetened drink a day have a bigger increase in deep abdominal fat. This type of fat is called visceral fat as it surrounds a number of vital organs which is unhealthy.

This opens you to a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease. Sugary sodas and other sweetened beverages are also targets in obesity, the reason why there has been a reduced exposure to these beverages in schools is mainly because they provide empty calories.

Middle-aged women who drink two or more sugary beverages a day are likely to have nigh levels of dangerous blood fats and impaired blood sugar levels when compared with women who drank less than one sugar sweetened beverage a day. This poses a greater health risk than fat in other areas of the body, this therefore affects you negatively from your insulin production to your cholesterol.

It is advised that you drink water than consume plenty of sugary beverages to reduce your health being put to risk. Taking care of yourself is not just about your physical appearance looks but what you also eat plays a major role.