Boost Your Hair Growth With 3 Powerful Ingredients

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We often complain that Mother Nature did not grant us with the features we would like to have. For example, it seems that all the women around you have gorgeous hair while your hair is all brittle and damaged and besides it has started thinning or residing. How fair is that?

Well, but there is one important fact that we leave out – genetics, there are a lot of things that can be affected by it whether you like it or not. Even though, the situation may already seem to be critical, we are going to tell you that the remedy exists. And it is all natural and effective not to mention the affordability, which is also essential.

Here is a list of ingredients you are going to need:

Two tablespoons of castor oil and one egg

Two tablespoons of honey Preparation:


First of all, put all the ingredients into one container.

Mix all of them well.

Apply it to your hair from the roots to the ends.

Cover your head with a shower cap or anything of the kind.

Wait up to four hours with the mask on.

Rinse it off when the time comes.

Repeat at least twice a week for the greater effect.

As you can see the list of ingredients is pretty small but the effect the mask will have on your hair will be tremendous! And here is why:

Castor oil – can access the deepest levels of your skin and moisturise them properly. Due to that your pH balance is restored and reduces your hair from falling out, breakage and thinning.

Egg – eggs supply your hair with all the necessary vitamins and proteins not to mention the fact that the egg yolk has a power to restore your split ends.

Honey – moisturises and softens your hair and promotes hair growth as well. Besides, it can prevent hair loss in general. Just use this recipe to your advantage and enjoy your thick and healthy hair!


How To Boost Your Hair Growth Using 3 Powerful Ingredients