Keeping Your Gut Happy Keeps Your Body Happy

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Your diet has the ability to influence how much sleep you catch at night. Sometimes you get in bed and even wonder if you will be able to shut your eyes and endure a peaceful night rest however most of the time this is impossible and becomes a struggle as you encounter hours tossing and turning, hoping just maybe some sleep will come up.

Many people experience this however comfort should not be found in this as it has been proven that up to 40% of people suffer from sleep deprivation each year. The cause of this has been found over stressing alot and not partaking in any exercises. Your emotional well-being and physical health are therefore bound to take in pressure.

The solution to this problem has been said to lie within your gut as the gut manufactures over 90% of your body serotonin. It is responsible for keeping your mood even to prevent anxiety and depression.

The gut is a gastrointestinal hub as it serves as a home to the oesophagus, stomach, small and large intestines including the rectum. It makes up 75% of the immune system.

To enjoy a good night sleep, all the major centres of your body should be well balanced. It is therefore important to change your lifestyle choices such as having excessive fast food, drinking, smoking and not exercising contributes to bad bacteria taking over.