My Father Feels Betrayed By The ANC – Edward Zuma


DURBAN: Former President Jacob Zuma is expected to answer to charges of fraud, corruption and racketeering.

Jacob Zuma’s son Edward is reportedly to have said “the former president feels betrayed by the African National Congress (ANC).”

When the ANC’s highest decision-making body took a decision not to rally behind Zuma, some of the party’s leaders felt that the organisation was being unfair. The president’s son agrees.

Despite this supposed betrayal, Zuma says his father is more than ready for Friday’s proceedings.

“He has always been ready.”

One of the former president’s supporters Bishop Nqoba Zindela says they will be praying for a miracle.

“We believe if God stood with Jesus Christ when he was betrayed, he will stand with Jacob Zuma in court.”

Several ANC leaders are expected to attend proceedings in their individual capacity.