Natures Powerade Is Found In Coconut Water

PICTURE: thienkhanh

Coconut water is made accessible for everyone it being from the nearest supermarket to smoothie bowls. 

Coconut water serves as a conducive factor as it does not only work well as a workout recovery drink but also helps lowever blood sugar and cholesterol and also plays a role in dental health.

The coconut water nutrition breakdown shows that unsweetened coconut water carries 184 Kilojules , 0g of Fat, 0.5g of Protein, 10.4g of Carbohydrate and 9.6g of Sugar. It contains important nutrients such as potassium, vitamin C and magnesium.

Since coconut water is high in electrolytes  minerals, when we sweat out during an exercise we release chloride,potassium and sodium. This is best drink especially for people who are athletes or who partake in sports.