WATCH: ANC Ditches Zuma And His Supporters


JOHANNESBURG: The African National Congress (ANC) on Friday once again called on members who wish to support former president Jacob Zuma during his court battle to do so in their private capacity. 

“It is important that members who would prefer to go to court to pledge their own support, do so in their own capacity as individuals,” said ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe. 

“We also stated preferences on how we would love to see them conducting themselves to the extent that such conduct should be in keeping with upholding the good name of the ANC,” he added.   

“We will not in any way take away the rights of individual members and their own preferences and all that, including declaring guilty verdicts on those expected to appear in court.”   

WATCH: ANC Ditches Zuma And His Supporters

Mabe said that Zuma was protected by the law and had a right to be considered innocent “unless proven otherwise”. 

Zuma’s case, in which he is facing 16 charges relating to 783 payments he allegedly received in connection with the controversial arms deal, was postponed until June 8 in the Durban High Court on Friday morning.

Thousands supporters flocked to the site, dressed in the ANC colours of green, gold and black as they showed their support for Zuma.   

On Friday, Mabe also said that Zuma had attended the last national executive committee meeting held in Durban and had “greatly honoured” a pledge to take part in electioneering activity.   

The country’s next national elections will be held in 2019.