WATCH: ‘My Shoes Cost More Than Your Peasant Salary’

PICTURE: Daily Express

LONDON: One of the ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ has since apologised after telling police that his shoes are worth more than their salaries. 

‘Lord Aleem’ Iqbal levelled the insult at the officers after they pulled him over in his new £550,000 Lamborghini in Birmingham city centre.

In footage captured by I am Birmingham, the 21-year-old is heard saying ‘Why you looking at me? Trust me bro, my shoes are probably worth more than your peasant salary’

He later adds: ‘Don’t look at me like that!’

It was only hours after the millionaire from Solihull had picked up a new Lamborghini with a personalised number plate reading ’41EEM’. 

WATCH: ‘My Shoes Cost More Than Your Peasant Salary’ [WARNING]: This video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.

Mark Brewer, Aleem’s agent, told the video didn’t show officers ‘harassing’ his client, and pulling him over for ‘having cars follow him’.

‘Having had time to reflect on what happened and having spoken to his friends and family, Aleem would like to apologise to the police officers involved for the way the situation escalated,’ he said in a statement,

‘Yes, Aleem admits he can get carried away from time to time and said, “I’m tired of being harassed by police just because I’m young and drive nice cars. Although that doesn’t excuse my behaviour towards the police officers in the video, I hope this paints a clearer picture as to why I reacted the way that I did.”‘