Weight Gain In The Attempt Of Quitting Smoking

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We always think that the only people that put on weight is people who eat alot and never make room for exercise. This is what many have known although it is very rare to realise that there are also other factors that contribute to this, like after quitting smoking. 

Once you quit smoking you put on some kilos however the weight gained depends on the individual which can be over 11kg. This is often the reason why many smokers are reluctant and hesitant to quit smoking because they are afraid to gain weight.

It has been said that being able to identify  smokers who gain more weight when they quit is important so that they can get the right treatment plan to reduce the desire to the craving or addiction. This happens when there is an urge to substitute the need to smoke therefore food becomes a point of breakthrough.

Quitting smoking has shown significant weight gain of 10 kg among those who had been heavy smokers or were obese before quitting gain 7kg.

It is therefore important to quit smoking while also making healthy lifestyle changes to control your weight.