Zodiac Couples That Are Not Compatible

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Personally I love astrology it helped me discover who I am and unpack my likes and dislikes. I have also found myself in a relationship with a zodiac sign that is not compatible with mine. It is hard and impossible to try and make it work, that is just the hush reality. But I am not discouraging any incompatible zodiac signs that are in a relationship.

Finding a partner to date might be challenging enough. Finding a person with whom you want to be happy for the rest of your life can feel impossible. Just imagine how easy it would be if we were able to choose the people we fall in love with. We could fall in love with appropriate people with whom we are compatible, feel comfortable and people who would never hurt us or break our hearts.

We could prevent the pain and resentment that has ever happened to us in our love lives. All of these things could be possible only if we all have the opportunity to control our feelings and choose who to love. But, sadly, the real world does not work like that.

We are forced to build relationships without knowing about the future. Sometimes these relationships end and it is a completely normal thing. There is no need to blame each other, as some people are just incompatible. That is where the stars come in to help us!

Astrologists believe that some Zodiac signs are just not meant to be together. Of course, that does not mean that there is no way to build a relationship for some incompatible people, you just need to realize that it is difficult. If you decide to enter into a relationship with an incompatible Zodiac sign, you will have to work hard to build a happy, long-term relationship. Let us see the  Zodiac couples that are not compatible:

Scorpio and Cancer these Zodiac signs are both introverts and that is the reason why it is so hard to make a relationship work for these two Zodiac signs. But there is one more thing. Cancer is very closed and sensitive, while Scorpio is ruthless and carefree. These Zodiac signs are incompatible, as they cannot find a common ground, in order to build a happy relationship. Of course, you may still try, but it’s not worth the risk.

Virgo and Gemini these Zodiac signs are the exception to the rule of “opposites attract” because they are just cannot live in peace together. They are too different and it is hard to find something in common. Virgo partners are not flexible, and they want things done a certain way. While Gemini partners are completely different! They are very flexible, they hate stability and routine. The relationship of Virgo and Gemini are doomed to failure from the start.

Sagittarius and Libra; Sagittarius people don’t care about the future and live in the present, while Libras love to plan everything. These Zodiac signs will have many fights and disagreements, so they won’t be able to build a healthy relationship. Of course, all couples have fights and arguments, but Sagittarius and Libra will have too many relationship issues. Libras want to find a balance and stability, while Sagittarius partners just unable to give Libras what they want.

Pisces and Aquarius; Pisces are emotional and reserved, while Aquarius people are egotistic and independent. How can the most sensitive Zodiac sign and the most independent Zodiac sign build a happy relationship together? That is too hard and it probably won’t happen. Pisces needs to get commitment, attention and care from Aquarius, while Aquarius will protect their personal space and freedom. These Zodiac signs cannot understand each other, so their connection is impossible.

Capricorn and Gemini the chance that Gemini and Capricorn couple will be completely satisfied with each other is in a long-term relationship. However, at the beginning of relationship, they may not see it. These Zodiac signs may find something special in each other. But after a while, their identities will prevail. Capricorns love living according to plan and order, while Gemini live in the present and don’t care about the future. Capricorns won’t be able to respect frivolous Gemini, so the relationship of these Zodiac signs is generally a bad idea. They won’t be able to understand each other and build a healthy relationship.

Virgo and Pisces is another example of opposites that just cannot be together. Pisces are dreamers, they like dreaming about the future and make plans. Virgos are rationalists – they don’t waste time with dreams, they act. Virgo partners might be charmed by delightful immediacy of Pisces at first, but after some time they will face the reality and destroy each other. These Zodiac signs will never have a common ground in-order to become happy together.

I hope you all find your perfect matches and do not give up on love. Know what you want and seek it therefore patience is a virtue.