Chimney Cakes Are The New Obsession


Chimney cakes are traditionally baked and not fried.They are mainly served on special occasions such as weddings , baptisms and birthdays.

It is similar to a spit braai as the pastry roll is prepared on a spit and it is kept to bake until it brings out a golden colour. Once it is put out it is simmered with melted butter and also and has doughnut toppings on it such as walnuts, cinnamon and sugar just to mention a few.

However it does not stop here from filling in your preferred goodies the chimney cake replaces the drier part of it with more of an ice-cream cone serving.

Not only is it sweet but also has savoury variation tastes to it. Imagine olives and rosemary topped with Maldon salt. Today the chimney cake is a popular street food found at chimney cake stores. This same chimney cake is a winner of a dessert and bakeries all over dedicate solely to making them.