Lockdown lifted at Goodwood Prison


CAPE TOWN- A lockdown at Goodwood Prison in the Western Cape has been lifted, following the two warders who were seriously injured after they were both allegedly stabbed by an offender on Sunday.

According to the statement revealed by the correctional service, it is believed that it is a gang related issue where one inmate has been transferred from St. Albans in Port Elizabeth and had bragged  to the other offenders that he was a general of the 28’s gang.

He was then immediately forced to prove his claims. That is when he allegedly stabbed the officials who had opened the cells in preparation for daily meals.

Over 200 police officers have been helping prison officials conducting random searches for dangerous weapons, after they have revealed a smuggled goods items including a cell phone, sharp shaving blades, and a few self-made knives. The items were confiscated by the officials.

It is believed that the Goodwood prison  is understaffed, which might have resulted in the attack of two warders

Correctional Services’ spokersperson Simphiwe Xako says, they have always had measures in place, but this is a call for them to up the game.

“We’ve had serious challenges with under-staffing. People will get jobs elsewhere and we find ourselves with one or two warders looking after about 150 prisoners.”