Is Your ‘Allergy’ Making You Cautious Around The Table

PICTURE: Managing Peanut Allergies

People often think that they have allergies that restrict them from eating certain things. They therefore feel rather uncomfortable around the dinner table, they begin to pick what they will be able to eat and what they cannot eat. This happens because they are quick to read food labels however it has been proven that they are less allergies in food than people actually think.

It has been said that only a small number of people suffer from allergies which is between 2% and 5%. Therefore this is an extent of exaggeration and caution that is unnecessary to many individuals and is the result of the mind. With this we have seen how many have fallen in the vegan mode.

This so-called ‘allergy’ is driving chefs crazy as customers are not thoughtful enough to inform waiters when placing an order. This is serious because this could be life-threatening especially to the individual.

‘Allergy imposter’ are easy to identify as they make the effort that as soon as they arrive they let the restaurant and waiters aware before they meals are prepared which makes it much easier for the chefs as they know that they need to be ultra-careful in the kitchen when cooking.

It becomes unfair when you do not have an allergy and you simply feel that you do not feel like having a certain product. This therefore puts pressure on chefs to cater for them and also effects their product of culinary creativity.