4 Things No One Tells You About Morning-After Pills

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The rise in the number of women using morning-after pills is a subject of concern amongst many experts. Most women rush to the nearest chemist to acquire these pills because they do not want to fall pregnant.

However, there are several things women need to know before swallowing these pills. Here are four things no one tells you about morning-after pills:

Morning-after pills are available in different forms

There are different forms of morning-after pills on the market. Buyers are advised to be careful when looking for these pills because there are fake ones. There are endless products you are likely to come across in local drug stores. The common options that are popular and are recommended by health-care providers  include the Plan B One-Step, Next Choice, Ella and copper IUD.

These pills are not the same as the abortion pills

The pills are meant to delay ovulation and in some cases, they can prevent the fertilized egg from implanting itself in your uterus. This means that morning-after pills do not destroy the existent pregnancies.

The pill can be taken hours or days after sex

It is mandatory to take the pill immediately after you have had unprotected sex with your spouse. The pills can be taken even two days after you have engaged in the act. However you need to seek medical advice if the 72 hours is over, which means the pills will not work. This is when you can purchase the one with the five day duration if you have passed your three day mark.

The morning-after pill is not the most effective emergency contraceptive

The copper IUD has been made in such a way that it can prevent a woman from becoming pregnant for up to ten years. If the IUD is inserted five days between which one engages in sex, it can effectively prevent pregnancy. A number of women have switched to the emergency contraception because of the effectiveness.