A Prevailing Desire To Build A Soaring Empire

PICTURE: Keketso Pii

The resilient Thabo Makhele is an entrepreneur and businessman. Who has conquered the odds while maintaining a steadfast course in the hopes of achieving a globally recognised company that will be set to compete with the best around the world.

All the way from the Westrand of Johannesburg in a Township called Kagiso (meaning peace). Thabo has always had a passion for being in the realms of business particularly in the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) industry. It all unfolded when he began working for two large firms called Dimension Data and Internet Solutions where they were required to build very powerful I.T (Information Technology) solutions for their clients.

After acquiring the knowledge and experience while working for the two companies, it led him to venture out into the entrepreneurial sphere. He then started his own company called Kagiso Online, where he sold computer hardware, printers and more. The business became a success, and Thabo expanded it by adding additional ICT solutions such as networking, security, web development and digital marketing.

“I was influenced by a lot of individuals, however my love for entrepreneurship was ignited by Gary Vaynerchuk, who is an American author, motivational speaker and an internet personality, said Thabo”.

What sets him apart from many entrepreneurs is how passionate, he is about customer support and their offer in delivering a flawless service to their clients. Thabo said that they have noticed that they are gifted in what they do and excel exceptionally, which holds a high potential in being the best in the industry but if there is a lack of customer service the company could suffer.

Although the journey has not been a smooth one, he has had his fair share of curve balls thrown his way and the minor challenge the company is currently facing is the number of a client base that is rapidly increasing on a daily basis, with only limited recourses to get their work done and deliver to their clients. This makes everything quite difficult especially having to deliver to their clients in time. What keeps him going during the hardships of life is faith, family support and his ability to persevere.

“I am hoping to move to a bigger office space, this will enable me to employ at least 15 support staff members as part of our expansion goal, Thabo said”.

The company embraces transparency, equal employee rights; cherish workmanship in-order to achieve great heights and a happy client base.  This year they are hoping to grow tremendously and receive recognition while climbing up the ladder of success.


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