Does Your Protein Shake Have You Trapped In Acne


Most males are exposed to acne, it is therefore possible that your protein shake could be the cause of your breakout. After drinking up a few cups it erupts in your skin.

It is normal to pump up your iron after a hectic run to give your muscles the fuel that they need to repair the tiny tears that the exercise causes as it is responsible for muscle growth.

Downing up a protein powder shake is a convenient way to meet your muscle building needs however it is said that not all products are created equally. For many guys they have protein shake regularly and only a few realise that it is not just about getting their muscles intact but a consequence of an acne outburst.

This is simply because the shake contains dairy, it being in the actual powder or you using milk as a mixer. The increase in insulin increases the production of sebum which develops acne, it can also be hormones that overstimulate oil glands.

This affects you negatively as it clogs up your pores resulting in your skin not being able to breathe on its own as it should. This also has the ability to mess with your ability to process blood sugar effectively.

Therefore it is recommended to avoid shakes that have added sugar or high carbohydrate load. If you decide to continue with shakes opt for a dairy-free product such as pea protein, collagen or hemp protein. Also after your workout it is advised to get a shower so that you do not give sweat and bacteria the chance to surface up acne.