Online School Application To Start On Monday


JOHANNESBURG: The 2019 online application system admissions for public schools will open on Monday and closes on May 28, says the education MEC Panyaza Lesufi.

Lesufi said on Thursday that parents should start applying as early as possible to avoid problems at the beginning of the new academic year and they allowed to apply for a maximum of five schools per pupil using the options home‚ work‚ sibling and school of choice for Grade 1.

The system has been upgraded to identify children using ID numbers through the department’s partnership with Home Affairs.

A parent applying for Grade 8 can also indicate the current school that the child is attending. This will identify high schools closest to the current primary school that the learner is attending.

An application using a home address, work address or sibling at the school will be placed on high priority referred to as List A or WA, to assist in prioritising applications of learners living closer to the school.

“However, using the school of choice option, the applicant will be placed on waiting List B or WB. This means the applicant lives or works outside of the feeder zone,” said Lesufi.

The department has warned parents to note that while they can apply at any of the schools with a focus on specialised talent, the learner will, however, be required to write an aptitude test or be subjected to other pre-selection tests.

Once an application becomes successful‚ parents will receive an SMS, as they are required to submit the following documents within seven days to each of the schools.

For Grade 1, Parents ID document or Legal Guardian, Learner Birth Certificate, Proof of Home Address or Proof of Work Address, Clinic/Immunisation Card.

For Grade 8, Parents ID Document or Legal Guardian ID, Learner Birth Certificate, Proof of home address or Proof of work Address, Report Card.

Lesufi has added that placement at schools depends on the availability of space as Gauteng schools are scarce and in high demand, for that reason, parents are urged to apply on time.