Retain Original Jean Colour By Doing This: Instead Of Washing Them


Jeans are absolutely amazing; they are basically the go to thing to wear if you do not know what to wear. Easy to pair with any colour T-shirt. They are the ultimate casual wear.

The only real issue is that the colour fades over time when you frequently wash them. That is not only specific to jeans, it happens to your shirts too but you probably have way more shirts than pairs of jeans or the opposite way around. So they visit the washing machine a lot more in their lifetime.

Well there is a way around, having your jeans not faded  with its original colour intact and still be able to have them clean like the very first day you brought them. This involves your freezer, strange but true. No water, not even soap or anything that would normally associate with cleaning.

If you want your jeans to look good for a long time and be cleaned as well you should put them in your freezer. The cold in your freezer will kill the germs on your jeans without causing them to fade.

Apparently the CEO of Levis Jeans, Chip Bergh, does this and he is not the only one. Before you try this make sure you have a separate freezer that will cater to your jeans only. No one wants to find jeans in the freezer while looking for something to eat or cook.