Grow Your Beard Instead Of Shaving It


Beards are a trend; they have always been a sign of manliness. They give you are raw and natural look. However some men prefer shaving their beards, in-order to avoid the maintenance that goes in with having to maintain a beard.

Beards are stylish

Some will love this, others will hate this. Those who understand the style in beards no matter how much they are criticized will keep them and even urge others to keep them too. Besides, being bearded is a symbol of masculinity. However, if you do not make time to trim them and moisturise them, you may look quite untidy.

Women love beards

Using ‘some’ will make more sense here. Not all women love beards but a good number of them would love to see their men with beards, rather than rough skin.

Prevents many shaving effects

When a man shaves his beards, abrasions are left on the skin that causes irritated skin, infections from rashes to acne and also infections resulting from shaving cuts. But having a beard will prevent such effects on your skin.

Beards keep the face moisturised

Skin has sebaceous glands which produce substances meant to keep the skin smooth and moist. Beards, therefore help retain the moisture by preventing the skin from direct sunlight and wind which dries off the moisture of the skin.