A New Growth Territory Found In Stress


Stress happens to many of us and has the ability to have you frustrated. However it is important to not just look at things from a negative perspective but also see it as a way to stress better. It is there as a useful survival tool, which is designed to keep us alive. Often time it is there to improve you as individuals and motivate you to your next level of life therefore the fear of stressing yourself out about is not conducive.

It is good to forge a better relationship with stress for your wellbeing and it all begins with perception. The one thing that consistently creates stress is change it being moving to a new home, changing jobs, progressing in whatever you do or getting into a new relationship.

If there is change happening in an area of your life, try to keep things in other areas as consistent as possible – in other words, stick with your routine. So if you are experiencing disruptive change at work for instance, make your home a safe space to relax and unwind.

If there is change in your life, there is growth and you are moving forward, which always causes some level of stress. The only people who don’t have stress are those living lives that are just going sideways, and those people are few and far between because most of us are going either up or down and either way, it is stressful.

If you can manage your stress better, you can spend one unit of emotional energy instead of two, because you know how to detach in a way that is useful.

When you feel stressed due to a thought your mind has presented, you feel a sensation somewhere in your body. Thoughts connect to a set of emotions that connect to physical sensations. Find the most intense part of the physical sensation. Place your fingers on the spot so you can separate from the mental force driving it. Your body will respond, and the mental aspect of your stress will start to shift.