CT Water Consumption Increase By 5%

PICTURE: Truthdig

CAPE TOWN: Following an increase in temperature in the City of Cape Town last week, the city has experienced an increase of up to 5 percent in water usage and a fall in dam levels. 


The City’s Executive Deputy Mayor, Alderman Ian Neilson believes the increase in water usage was a result of high temperatures; “the fall in dam levels can be attributed to environmental influences such as higher temperature and evaporation, as well as an increase in usage by customers. Thus far April has been relatively warm, mimicking the climate patterns of March,” said Nelson.


The deputy mayor has applauded Cape Town’s majority water users who are still operating under the principle of 50 litres per person per day allocated by the Department of Water and Sanitation to avoid Day Zero and urged those who do not follow the allocation to decrease water usage.


“The City will therefore continue its drought interventions, including pressure management, accelerated leak repair, Level 6b restrictions and tariffs to deter high water usage, as long as needed to see us through the drought,” he said.