De Lille Faces Internal No Confidence Vote

PICTURE: Sunday Times

CAPE TOWN: De Lille has again been faced with the Party Caucus making means to get rid of her in a closed motion of no confidence that sat on Monday.

The majority voted in favour of the motion and deputy caucus leader JP Smith confirmed that two thirds of the Democratic Alliance (DA) councillors have said that they do not believe that the Mayor of Cape Town, Patricia de Lille should continue to lead them.

Speaking to The Republic Mail, Political Analyst Matlala Setlhalogile said the accusations made by the city caucus that the DA has suffered constant and continued reputation harm at de Lille’s hands are a poor justification for a foregone conclusion to get rid of her.

Setlhalogile said he agrees that the amendments made on the DA constitution might have been made to get rid of de Lille but also insisted they may have been made to avoid future problems.

 “The party’s constitution amendment might have been inspired by her particular case, but I believe it is a way of pre-empting future scenarios like the de Lille one and ensure that the party does not suffer a similar humiliation as it was with the previously tabled motion of no confidence against her,” he said.

Setlhalogile also maintained that since the caucus has lost confidence in De Lille, according to the newly amended constitution, she should resign.

Meanwhile, De Lille has lashed out at the DA caucus for attempting to remove her through the party’s recently adopted recall clause.

On Monday night, De Lille reacted to news that the party’s Cape Town caucus had voted to hold an internal motion of no confidence if the Federal Executive allows it; “The latest move by the DA caucus proves that the Recall Clause is a De Lille Clause and that the DA Constitution was especially amended to have me removed,” she said.

She later posted that reaction in a tweet on her Twitter account, where some supporters of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) encouraged her to leave the DA and join the red berets.

The DA’s city caucus will seek permission from Federal Executive to table a fresh motion of no confidence in her.