SACP Joins Call For Arthur Fraser Suspension

PICTURE: Gallo Images

JOHANNESBURG: The SACP added its voice to those organisations calling for the head of the director general of the State Security Agency (SSA), Arthur Fraser.

“The South African Communist Party strongly condemns what appears to be abuse of power and unlawful conduct by Arthur Fraser, the director general of the State Security Agency (SSA),” SACP spokesperson Alex Mashilo said in a statement on Monday.

Last week Inspector General of Intelligence Setlhomamaru Dintwe took the unusual step of releasing a statement in which he alleged that the SSA director general was trying to scupper his investigation into him. He also lodged a court application challenging the withdrawal of his security clearance. The case will be heard on Thursday in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

In his replying affidavit, Fraser hit back and alleged that the investigation into him was politically motivated and that Dintwe shared classified information with political parties, particularly the DA.

The SACP called for “decisive action” to get to the bottom of Fraser’s conduct and “what actually he could be trying to conceal”.

“Fraser’s attempt at frustrating the inspector general of intelligence (IGI), Setlhomamaru Dintwe, seems to be an act of desperation and sabotage,” reads Mashilo’s statement.

“It could as well be possible proof of abuse of intelligence services for factional purposes as part of the wider corporate state capture agenda that the SACP was the first to expose.”

He said Fraser’s conduct came across as “aimed at forcing an abortion of the IGI’s investigations into corruption and abuse of intelligence services at the SSA”.

“The IGI has made it clear that Fraser is implicated in the allegations being investigated. As South Africans, we should not delink Fraser’s conduct from attempts at frustrating the IGI’s work.”

He said the SACP wants Dintwe to carry out his work without fear or favour, and without interference from anybody.

“The party is, therefore, calling for decisive action by relevant authorities to get to the bottom of Fraser’s conduct and what actually he could be trying to conceal by handicapping the IGI’s work,” Mashile said.

“The [SACP] has a direct interest in efficient and professional state security services. It is common knowledge that the SACP has, for a while now, laid complaints to the IGI about rogue intelligence operations directed not only at the party’s leadership but other South Africans who became outspoken against corporate state capture.”