3 Rules To Grow Healthy Beautiful Natural Hair

PICTURE: agasaro.com

Women feel out of beauty when they are wearing their natural hair. Without the wigs and weaves our natural hair brings out great liberation. Feeling comfortable and beautiful in your own skin should not just be limited to how you dress but also how you wear your hair. Going natural has become the new vibe as it gives the most natural form of you.

As much as you want it to grow as healthy as possible you need to maintain it well by taking good care of it. To do so is not even a hassle or even stressful, it is very simple.

Cleansing-conditioning, also known as co-wash, should always be your best. Wash your hair with a cleansing conditioner once a week to keep your hair moisturised and to improve its manageability. It is recommend to use a product that will also detangle the hair so it can have the slip you want.

Moisturising is key to healthy, bouncy and luscious curls. Natural hair is prone to dying out when it is washed, which could lead to frizz. Combine a rich hair cream with a hydrating natural oil. This should be repeated every second day by spraying your hair with water first, allowing the products to get into your hair.

Your ends are the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair, and excessive heat styling and chemical treatments like relaxers and hair colour can split or fray your ends. If left unchecked the damage will continue down the hair shaft, and eventually break off. Trim your ends as soon as you notice any split ends. Wear protective styles because they keep your hair tips out of sight and neatly tucked in.