De Lille Faces Showdown In Her Absence

PICTURE: Esa Alexander

CAPE TOWN: Patricia de Lille survived a motion brought by the DA through a vote of the full council in February, but this time her fate will lie solely in the hands of her colleagues.

Mayor Patricia de Lille will face a motion of no confidence from the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Cape Town caucus on Wednesday. This after a majority of the caucus voted in favour of tabling a motion last week.

De Lille could be delivering her last address as mayor at Wednesday’s full council meeting.

Immediately after that, the caucus that she’s been leading until her suspension from party activity late last year will meet behind closed doors to vote on whether they still have confidence in her. If the vote succeeds by a simple majority of the 154 members present, the decision will be passed on the DA’s Federal Executive (FedEx).

The FedEx gave the go-ahead for a vote against De Lille last week. If it goes against her, she will be able to make representations to the executive as to why she should keep her job.

Failing to accept these, the FedEx can ask her to resign, or lose her party membership.

Wednesday’s vote will be the first time the DA tests its new constitutional amendment to recall an office bearer in whom they’ve lost confidence.