Why You Get Irritated Skin On Your Private Area After Shaving

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Shaving of pubic hair has always been a topic that brings out heated discussions and debates.

However, the appearance of pimples and rushes around intimate areas has always been a point of reference for people who discourage others from shaving pubic hair.

The following are some of the main reasons why you get pimples and irritations around your pubic area after shaving:

The wrong choice of shaving foam/ gel

The purpose of shaving gel is to ease the process of hair removal. However, very strong shaving gels have a tendency of triggering allergic reactions with your skin and this culminates to rushes and pimples. Medical practitioners recommend the use of mild gels and mild soaps for shaving.

Type of shaving tool

Some people react after using electric hair clippers to cut public hair. Some will however not react to traditional shaving razors. Here, it is all about the try and error method to find what works best for you.

Aftershave creams/ oils

Aftershave creams have also been reported to cause allergic reactions to the skin when used after cutting of intimate hairs. This is because some of them contain very strong fragrances and ointments that easily react with the skin until your body gets used to them.

Dirty hands

In the same way eating with dirty hands causes hygiene related infections, shaving with dirty hands leads to rushes and pimples. This is because, during shaving, your skin is left with open cuts and sores which if touched with dirty hands leads to infections caused by dirt.

Dirty tools

Use of dirty and dusty razors is also one of the main causes of skin irritation after shaving. Dirty shaving equipment is a residence for disease causing micro-organisms which are likely to infect your skins with skin ailments. This can also happen if the blades or tools used are shared with persons who have skin infections.

Therefore make sure you clean your razors and if you need to get new ones buy in-order to avoid skin irritation which will make you uncomfortable and less confident.