De Lille Vows To Fight DA To Clear Her Name

PICTURE: Leila Dougan

CAPE TOWN: The Democratic Alliance City of Cape Town 154-member caucus has voted the Mayor, Patricia de Lille, out of office.

After she lost confidence of the Cape Town City caucus, Mayor de Lille says that she’s ready to continue the fight to retain her position as the city’s first citizen.

“The analogy that I use this fight that am having with the Democratic Alliance is like a boxing fight, you win one round you lose one round but in the end what is important is who is going to give a final knock out,” said De Lille on twitter.

De Lille said before the vote that she would appeal the decision. She said she would sue “the hell out” of those who were trying to birsmirch her name. She is currently facing a disciplinary hearing on charges of misconduct.

De Lille is expected to receive a formal request from the party on Thursday to provide reasons why she should keep her job.

The mayor has questioned the DA’s rush in getting rid of her and said she sees it as unconstitutional and is ready to tackle the matter in a professional way; “why not wait for the outcome of the disciplinary procedure then test the allegations before tabling a motion of no confidence,” de Lille questioned.

She will then have to make a submission to the Federal Council before next week to support what the party should not get rid of her.

De Lille has thanked South Africans who have sent her messages to say they support her during this time.