DA Seek Answers On Alleged Police Brutality During North West Protests


NORTH WEST: The DA has called on the IPID to investigate the SAPS conduct during protests which swept across the province during the last few weeks.

The party reported that it visited the families who were affected by the police action during the protests; “we were informed that police barged into people’s houses shooting at children and old people, we were also informed that police acted with force against community members who were just innocent , bystanders,” said the DA.

“We furthermore met with a family who told us that police unfairly discriminated against them, using derogative terms such as “bushmen” and telling them that they did not belong there,” the party added.

The DA has commented on the alleged police brutality and said such behaviour displayed by members of the police is completely unacceptable, “police officers should serve and protect not discriminate or shoot at innocent people.”

The DA has furthermore called on North West Premier Supra Mahumapelo to be removed; “Supra Mahumapelo must be removed, and come 2019 the people must exercise their power by voting for total change,” the party said.