[WARNING SHOCKING VIDEO]: Lion Attacks Man Who Wanted To Inspect It’s Faeces


CAPE TOWN: An identified man has been eaten by a lion in a video that has emerge on social media.

It is not clear whether the victim was hunting in the game park when he was attacked by the lion. The man was heard screaming for help when gun shots were fired to scare the lion. The lion attacked the man who climb off the fenced lion protectorate. 

Tourist tries to inspect a lion’s poo and ends up getting dragged like a rag doll. The man, believed to be an American tourist, was fascinated by seeing the apparently-rare lion faeces, and the lion didn’t like it. It is yet to be confirmed whether the man survived or not. 

The below video has sent tongues wagging after a white man believed to be an American tourist, opened the gate into a fenced lion protectorate just to view a lion’s faeces.

Meanwhile, contrary to social media claims, the Republic Mail is reliably told the incident did not at all happen at Kruger National Park.

Editor’s note: The attached video contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. 

[WARNING SHOCKING VIDEO] Lion Attacks A Man At The Game Reserve.