Eskom’s Plans To Avoid Load Shedding

Picture: IOL

By Dumezweni Ndweni

JOHANNESBURG: With winter on its way concerns are raised over Eskom’s capacity to provide power and avoid load shedding in 2018.

As winter is the time when the power utility experiences heavy use of electricity by the country. Because of reports that stock piles of coals are running low in some of the power stations. Eskom maintains calm and calls for the public not to panic and announced its plans on Thursday on how to avoid load shedding.

A report from Eskom released today indicates that six of their 15 power stations are below their required target, and they have measures in place to address the current coal shortage by implementing recovery plans, the plans involves  securing additional coal supplies and redirection of coal stock to address the imbalances.

Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe said, “At this stage no reason to panic, indeed seven stations are having low stockpile, we are signing new contracts so we can move coal to those power stations.”

Eskom says that while the risk of load shedding always exist it is not likely to happen this winter as they will implement plans to manage a shift in plant performance and coal stock levels.