More Woman Come Forward On Misconducts Allegations Against R. Kelly

Picture : BBC
The Times Up campaign is aimed at helping women in the result of sexual abuse, the organisation issued a statement pleading for further investigation into the allegations of sexual and physical abuse from the RnB sensation R.Kelly.
For years the RnB singer has faced sexual misconduct allegations that he has several times denied, recently a BBC documentary has explored claims of physical abuse and coercion.
A statement was issued by Women of colour committee within Time’s Up.
The statement emphasizes that they should be action taken by RCA Records, Kelly’s label; Spotify and Apple music that streams Kelly’s Music.
The Time’s up statement continued to say that the community has ignored the pain for too long, and it has been a burden of pain to many Women of colour for Centuries.
Time’s up also cited Bill Cobsy’s conviction last week for sexual assault as a step in the right direction.
There is also a hash tag going on, on social media the #MuteRKelly movement and people have been saying they were happy that Time’s Up was amplifying their cause.
In recent years, more and more women have come forward to allege misconduct against R.Kelly. Recently a woman in Dallas filed a lawsuit against the RnB singer claiming that he gave her sexual transmitted disease and claims that Kelly was grooming her to be in a sex cult.
R.Kelly has continued to deny all allegation against him saying it’s just rumors.