Protest Action Heats Up At Eldorado Park


By Ndumezweni Ndweni

JOHANNESBURG: The Golden Highway is barricaded with burning tyres, trees and rubble.

The JMPD officers are directing and diverting traffic in that area. Such protests have a tendency of turning violent and seeing businesses and property torched.

In attempts to calm down the situation, Gauteng housing MEC Dikgang Moiloia met with community leaders, however, they (leaders) walked out during the meeting yesterday. He was supposed to engage community leaders on the plans and response by government on the demands of the people.

The community has been protesting for a big part of this week and highlighting land, housing and service delivery as one of their primary concerns. The community said that they are tired of empty promises. And community leaders say they walked out of the meeting because the MEC was offering nothing new and no solutions to their problems and they have taken a resolution to go back to the streets to demonstrate.

The MEC responded in the media, that the people walked out and did not want to listen and there is process of going to Eldorado Park with mayor Herman Mashaba.